Access to Electric Grid is Crucial Need in Africa

Most African families struggle to provide for their children, put food on their tables and electricity in their houses. One of the things that are in abundance in Africa is sunlight.
A brave African housewife dared to try and install one solar panel in her house. The price was hefty yet doable, and the children are ecstatic that they wouldn’t have to eat dinner in the dark, they can complete their schoolwork, and the mother can continue her housework after dark.
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Understanding Solar Power

Nature gives us an inexhaustible source of energy – the sun. At last, our technology has advanced far enough for us to generate green energy without financial burden. The process of converting solar power into electricity is called photovoltaics (PV). PV systems include cells that consist of layers of semi-conducting materials. When the light, emitted from the sun, shines onto the cell, it produces an electric field within the layers. The more active the sun is the more electricity is flowing across the semi-conductor layers. However, the benefit of the system is that it can generate energy even on a dull or a rainy day. The two major components of the semi-conducting layers are crystalline silicon and thin-film.
Thin-films are being applied on various low cost surfaces: plastic, glass, or stainless steel. The application process is complex, and depends on a large number of variables as well as on reliable tools. Integration of advance technological instruments allows conducting and extracting thin-film stress measurements continuously within the time of operation. This provides the industry error-free and efficient environment. Among commonly used PV systems, new cells are being developed today – a concentrated PV cell (a focusing lens is used that directs sunlight onto the cell); and flexible cells (they are closely related to thin film cells but have a wider, more flexible, range). The application of photovoltaics is also vast, from industrial and residential networks to consumer goods!

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A Sustainable Future

Many people in the world are currently trying to come up with ways they can easily and effectively reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.  When we look at the startling statistics of the ways humans have mistreated our environment and the predictions for our future, it’s not hard to see why.  One easy and logical way that anyone can choose to do this is by investing in a solar power system in their homes.  Countless people have chosen to go green by making the switch to using solar energy to replace some or all of their daily energy consumption.

In recent years, solar energy has become an increasingly appealing option for individuals as well as for the big power companies.  The price of energy from non-renewable sources has been rising and will only continue to rise as supplies wear thin, whereas the cost of installing solar panels has actually dropped as the panels themselves have become more efficient.  The net result is that an investment in solar power for the home has become incredibly accessible and affordable while its payoff can only get larger: a win-win proposition for the consumer.
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Eco Advantage Basic Strategy

In Michael Porter’s highly regarded strategy model, companies gain competitive advantage by lowering costs or differentiating products. But today the traditional points of competitive differentiation had being squeezed on all sides. Third part contribution and the reasonable labor costs are available in almost any business, big or small. Other that, unassailable sources of advantage, such as access to capital or reasonable raw materials, are disappearing as markets go global. Companies that compete in advantages of environment are becoming ever more and more hard to establish and maintain.
stragetgy model
This renovation of landscape requires refined business strategy. The capacity for innovation bringing imagination to bear to solve problems and respond to human needs. It all lies at the heart of success and Companies must find new and better ways to break out of the pack. Those that don’t will struggle to keep up in the marketplace. › Continue reading

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Environmental Strategy, Sustainability And Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies find many ways to talk about how they handle environmental and social issues. Some focus on “triple bottom line” performance or sustainability. Others frame their work in terms of corporate social responsibility, stewardship, citizenship, or environment, health, and safety. Any of these approaches can serve to galvanize action and create Eco-Advantage. The key lies in execution—including environment and social issues in business operations. But each company needs to find the language and organizational structures that work within its own culture.
At the operational level, managing sustainability issues, no matter what the company calls them, works best with a defined focus. Thinking about environmental challenges alongside social issues such as health care, poverty alleviation, or how to serve the “bottom of the pyramid”—the untapped market of the world’s poorest people—quickly becomes daunting. Our research suggests that the skills needed to manage environmental issues and social concerns are quite distinct. For example, what’s required to ensure that a company complies with air-pollution permits, say, will have little similarity to what’s needed to develop a strong employee wellness program. › Continue reading

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Who Should Care Our Earth And Environmental Business??

careFor some enterprises, a new green perspective will be trans-formative, leading to fresh thinking, new markets, profitability gains, and increased value. For others, the environmental lens may emerge more gradually and modestly, as another critical element of corporate strategy. With time, these companies may find long-term, sustained advantage, but not dramatic immediate gains, front being green. For the big, heavy industries, the gains are closer to being assured. But smaller and “cleaner” companies will find surprising benefits as well. › Continue reading

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Innovative Company Introduces Systemic Method of Ensuring Accurate Construction and Coordination Planning

Errors and sometimes omissions regularly plague the completion of construction work. Numerous change orders are caused by errors that slow the pace of construction completion time frames that affect the expectations of customers as well as construction contractors. Errors do account for a substantial amount of generated change orders in the construction industry.

One innovative company introduces its method of decreasing a high percentage of change orders by using a series of check benchmarks that are documented to effectively diminish the need for excessive construction change orders. The company’s remedial answer to errors is found in its product known as Remedy Check System.

The company holds the patent for Remedy Check, which is a process that checks interdisciplinary systemic processes and identifies errors that often happen during the exchange of engineering and architectural plans and between plans and other design criteria. › Continue reading

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GPS Tracking System – Hold the World in Your Hands

Global positioning system or GPS as it is called in short brings the whole world in your hands. You can monitor the progress of vehicles and track a whole fleet of trucks. There is a plethora of GPS tracking system available in the market. Many gadgets like mobile phone and computers come equipped with tracking systems. The advantages of GPS are many, owing to which, many businesspersons have adopted them as an integral part of their businesses.

The transport business owners stand to benefit hugely with GPS tracking units. They can keep track of their whole fleet of trucks from the comfort of their offices. The position and movement of all vehicles can be seen on the screen of the computer or mobile phone. Business owners benefit by being able to reduce cost of monitoring and increase profits. Due to GPS applications, fleet tracking becomes a piece of cake from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. The system also enables you to track the route of the vehicles.
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